Introducing Our Premium

Hand Sanitiser Range!

Palm Safe is a Scottish based business on a mission

to make the best possible hand sanitiser.

Our sanitisers use

premium isopropyl alcohol (70% by volume).  


Isopropyl isn't so harsh on your skin

as the ethanol found in most shop

bought sanitisers.

We then add aloe vera to moisturise skin and leave hands feeling soft. 


With 7 different scents available many customers buy them all so they have

the full range. 


We have been overwhelmed by the demand and

positive feedback from our customers. 

As a new business we are hiring

and expanding rapidly. 


A quick look at our Facebook page and some of the thousands of comments will let you see just how popular our range of scented hand sanitisers has become in a very short space of time.


Our Range  

And Wholesale Costs

60ml clip bottles

MOQ 50 - £1.55 each
Over 100 - £1.50 each
Over 500 - £1.45 each



250ml bottles with flip tops

MOQ 50 - £4.50 each
Over 100 - £4.25 each
Over 500 - £4 each



500ml pump bottles

MOQ 50 - £7.50 each
Over 100 - £7.20 each
Over 500 - £6.75 each




1 litre bottles with pump tops

MOQ 50 - £12.50 each
Over 100 - £11.50 each
Over 500 - £10 each




We now have the supply chain and logistics worked out with a 24-hour production line running in Aberdeen and are looking for distributors throughout the UK.


If you own a shop, salon, store, business with high footfall or even just have a large social media following then you could become a palm safe approved seller. 

Contact us today!
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